Firsties is the result of years of intense research, product development, and practical testing. Now, you can enjoy all the benefits of barefoot walking without having to worry  about picking up environmental contaminants or hurting your feet on rough surfaces.

We are a passionate, enthusiastic team of product developers, dreamers, and doers, pushing
boundaries to see how we can continue to make our customers lives better. Health has always
been a priority for us, which is why we wanted to create a “Barefoot Shoe” that supports your well-being while giving you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors without limits or setbacks.


At Firsties, we are just as conscious about our health and the environment as you are. We are a
family of nature-lovers who are unafraid to embrace our connection with our spirits and with nature.
Firsties is more than just a fashion trend. It’s a way of life, and we can’t wait to make you part of
our community. “Firsties” means to put yourself first.

We ship WORLDWIDE, meaning there’s no reason not to order your first pair of Firsties

Get two pairs and avoid shipment costs!




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