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Firsties Free Shoes

Firsties Free Shoes



A revolutionary new flip-flop shoe that brings you the joy of barefoot freedom, without the dangers or worries.

Firsties makes you happy to be a part of nature again, taking you back to your roots while delivering a range of health benefits throughout your entire body.

Wear your Firsties at home or on-the-move, on the streets or on the beach.

You’ll improve your health while setting a hot new trend.

Everyone around you will wonder where you got your shoes, and how they can get their own!

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Firsties is the first of its kind!

No painful straps cutting off your blood circulation.

No worries about environmental contaminants. No nonsense.

Firsties is also free from toxins or harmful chemicals you can’t pronounce.

All of our impeccable-quality German materials, hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.
Let the energy flow freely throughout your body without distractions or interruptions!

  •  Made in Vienna, Austria

  • Tan evenly without “strap lines!”

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Hallux-optimised foot-bed

  • Trendy

  •  Skin-friendly

  •  Self-adhesive

  •  Non-irritating on the skin

  •  Made from the highest quality GERMAN materials

  •  Easy to “pimp” in your style of choice!


How To Use

  1. Dry and clean feet.

  2. Don’t apply oils or creams.

  3. Remove the protective film.

  4. Step onto your Firsties, from the heel down.

  5. Leave for at least 10 seconds to activate the adhesive through pressure and warmth.

  6. Start walking.

  7. Enjoy!



Cover the adhesive layer with your reusable protective film, and store safely in the protective bag for next time. Wash under running water to clean. Avoid soap which can disturb Firsties’ adhesive properties.

Walking barefoot rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit, making you feel confident, beautiful, and free. Firsties allow the muscles to unfold and relax. You’ll see what we mean - once you’ve worn Firsties, no other pair of sandals will ever feel good enough ever again!

Firsties Usage

Firsties Usage

Wash your Firsties

Wash your Firsties

Use the Protection

Use the Protection

Easy to store

Easy to store

Firsties Free Shoes, perfect solution for the summer!

Trendy and healthy.

Richtergasse 1/6, 1070 Wien, Austria

Tel: +436767702919




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